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Should You Quit or Stay? This Advice Will Help You Decide.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Question: How does an educator really know if or when it’s time to QUIT?

The 3 key indicators listed below will help you determine if or when quitting is the right option for YOU.

PLUS, check out some words of advice from educators that QUIT and found success.

As for me, I held on a few more years and then exited, which may not have been the best decision.

Judge for yourself.

Check out our stories and the 3 critical tips below:

As a former elementary school teacher and administrator, I remember struggling with feelings of failure or that I was abandoning my students and fellow educators when deciding to quit to pursue a new career.

Although I was given stellar performance ratings and was working in one of the most prominent school districts in the USA, with incredible students and families, the demands of my career began to take its toll. Yet, I held on for a few additional years despite my struggles.

Why is there such a stigma attached to the word QUIT?

Why have we internalized quitting as failure?

In other professions quitting to pursue another career is welcomed, accepted and often admired. However, educators are often ostracized for even “thinking” about a career change.

As a profession, we must make a paradigm shift and change our thinking and behaviors.

Why? Millions of educators feel forced to remain in careers that are no longer in their best interest, their families, and sometimes even their students.

My fellow educators I suffered from fatigue, financial stress, cognitive overload, was constantly ill. Yet, I still held on - maybe even too long.

But, eventually I QUIT.

Although fearful, nervous, and filled with anxiety, leaving (no quitting) was best for ME and my family.

Since quitting, I have worked and consulted for leading education companies, children's toy companies, government agencies and organizations in the USA, London, and Canada.

I have held lucrative and rewarding careers that afforded opportunities to impact young lives and the lives of our fellow educators on an even grander scale.

I was even invited to speak at the Pentagon in Washington, DC on effective career transition strategy! Woo-hoo!

The day I began earning $375 an hour (an hour!) working as an Education Products and Marketing Advisor, I nearly fainted.

My passion for the education field was reignited and my love for my new career immeasurable. It wasn’t just about the money. It was the freedom that my new education career provided on multiple levels.

Two of my clients were a leading toy company and education marketing firm in London that basically wanted help aligning their products with effective pedagogy and current trends in education (Most educators are qualified to do the same thing but it takes some preparation and it won't happen overnight.)

Honestly, I was in shock; $375 an hour!

Was I reading the offer correctly?

So, I read it again and again and again.

At the time, I didn't fully embrace the value of my skillset. I was suffering from imposter syndrome.

We as educators are often led to believe that our skills are not transferable, valuable and that our career options beyond the school system and education institutions are limited to tutoring, college professor, leaving the continent to teach, nannying, real estate, drop shipping, retail, etc.

All are noble professions but compensation is often LOW for the majority of these careers!

We as educators have immense value plus skills and talents that can be leveraged across multiple professions in hundreds of careers beyond our school systems.

Don’t feel guilty for pondering new career options.

Sometimes, it’s just time for a change. Interests evolve, our families evolve, our needs also evolve and our lives change. For some, their health and well-being is in jeopardy.

So, how do we know IF or WHEN it’s time to quit?

My fellow educators, exiting the school system was an emotional journey for me. But, I finally realized that Quitting is a choice, MY choice (but ONLY after careful evaluation).

According to Seth Godin and other leading industry experts, here are

3 critical indicators:

1. It’s time to quit when the things you’re measuring historically are not improving and [perhaps continuing to decline], and you have nothing else to measure.

Smart quitters understand the idea of opportunity cost.

The job that you currently hold is keeping you from working elsewhere (missing out on another opportunity).

Had I remained in my old career, I would have missed out on several amazing opportunities. I can't even imagine what toll it may have taken on my health and well being in the long term.


When the pain is the greatest.

This sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

But read on. It makes perfect sense.

Decisions made during immense pain are rarely good.

Step away for a day or two, gather your thoughts.

Re-evaluate with objectivity. Then create a strategy or plan of action.

2. Quitting does NOT equal failure.

A successful education entrepreneur states, “I quit my teaching job mid-year due to a toxic work environment.

I struggled with the decision because I felt like I had abandoned the kids who needed me the most.

I had to remind myself over and over that changing the lives of our nation’s youth should not be at the expense of an educator’s livelihood, health, and well-being nor threaten their financial security."

“It’s not that I couldn’t do the job, it’s that I chose not to for my own mental well-being and physical health,” Anonymous

3. It’s not failure…it’s called moving on.

We may delay quitting because of fear, or anxiety, financial concerns, discomfort with change or not sure how or where to start.

Some hang on to the philosophy that "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know," anonymous.

It took me a while to realize that the DEVIL IS THE DEVIL regardless.

My fellow educators, you have a plethora of skills and talents that are transferable and highly marketable.

Skills that can be applied in 100s of lucrative education careers outside of the school setting within 1,000s of education organizations and companies, or non-education companies if you prefer.

Educators like other professionals have the RIGHT to explore new career options for whatever reason(s).

Take a moment to really evaluate your urge or need to quit.

Is this feeling or urge short term and wanes after a few days?

Or is it constant? Year after year?

I know many of you are exhausted and fight daily battles.

I understand.

Please realize that tomorrows are not promised.

Weigh your options, do what’s best for you and your family.

The adage, “Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win” is blatantly FALSE. You're a Winner Whether You Quit or Stay.

Take a few days to evaluate and plan. Then take the next step.

Plan and Prepare.

Stay or Leave.

Pick one. But, try not to prolong the process.

And once you decide, Stick with it.

You deserve a magnificent life, don't settle for anything less.

With respect and admiration,

Broils Consulting Group, LLC – The Educators Transition Experts

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