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Revolutionize Your School District’s Staffing Operations:
Attract Top-tier Talent
Secure Long-term Staffing Stability

Recruitment and retention initiatives are critical for the preservation of our schools and the futures of our students, but educator retirees have been overlooked and underserved, resulting in grave repercussions for them, their families, the education system, and beyond.

The nation's focus on current and aspiring educators has led to limited career transition readiness support for retirees which primarily consists of insurance, some investment planning, and retail discounts. Although beneficial, it does not adequately meet their needs.

It is unmistakable that managing a great school or school district is complex and time-consuming, but how we care for our retirees has consequences for your school district as well.

Retirees are the representatives and brand ambassadors of our schools and the profession, commanding the attention of our current and aspiring educators. They have the power to either inspire or discourage talent from working within your school district or entering the profession altogether.

The ramifications are far-reaching.

It’s a startling truth that countless retired educators (both education leaders and teachers) despite living financially responsible lives, face dire straits within a few short years of separating from the school system.


These same educators that have dedicated the majority of their lives to the profession, now find their livelihoods in jeopardy.

Suffering in Silence: Retired Education Leaders Hidden Financial Crisis - The Implications for School Districts

Payment via Mobile Phone

Many retired educators who were once 6-figure earners and maintained fiscally responsible lives are now suffering significant hardships but often remain silent due to embarrassment,

anxiety, fear, etc.


I have no money in the bank. All my credit cards are maxed out. I've hit rock bottom.

(Mrs. M - Retired Educator)

I started out doing insurance sales and didn't want to tell anyone that I was a superintendent.

(Dr. M - Retired Educator)

I tried bartending, real estate and sold one house, maybe I'll be a mail man.

(Mr. R - former Principal)

It’s become a silent battle defeating countless educators nationwide.

Implications for School Districts and K-12 Education Profession:


Despite our best intentions while we're busy saving our schools, many of the nation's retirees feel forgotten and discarded with no one to help save them.

How we care for our retirees has implications.

"When I submitted my letter of resignation, after nearly two decades in the classrooms all they said was congratulations ... that's it ... how disappointing."

Anonymous Educator - 2022

Happy educators attract new recruits. Frustrated and disappointed educators will tell potential recruits to find someplace else ..." 

Anonymous Educator - 2022

Retirees are the representatives and brand ambassadors of our schools and organizations, commanding the attention of our current and aspiring educators. 

They have the power to either inspire or discourage talent from working within your school district or entering the profession altogether. 

Will they promote your school district or advocate for the education profession?

Educators talk, let's make sure your recruits, current staff and school community hear the RIGHT messaging and narratives by ensuring that ALL staff members feel equally supported.


we truly understand education leaders already have a lot on their plates. Unfortunately, what was once a minor issue has now become critical for educators and our nation's schools.

Broils Consulting Group was founded by a former school administrator.


Our globally renowned solutions can easily, quickly and efficiently integrate with the staffing operations within school districts, enabling you and your district to emerge greater.

By offering specialized career transition readiness support to retiring educators, you can not only help to address a critical need but also position your school district greater success.

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Broils Consulting Group is ranked by Wall Street industry experts like Business Wire  (a Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Firm), Market Watch (a Dow Jones Company) as one of the TOP 25 leaders in the global K-12 education consulting markets world-wide.​

A devout K-12 champion ambitious for the cause of education.

Let's talk about how Broils Consulting Group can help your school district attract and retain top talent while providing solutions to support your retiring staff members​

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