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Establish one of the most sought-after school of education programs.


Attract top-tier students around the world to your undergraduate,

graduate and continuing

education K-12 programs

by elevating your value proposition.


Earn higher national rankings and secure long-term market stability

once and for all.

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Survival Mode 
Experience the Exhilaration of 
Long-term Success
Emerge Even Greater

We understand how tough it can be to continously operate in survival mode. The never-ending churn amidst market disruptions can wear you down.

Higher education, particularly schools of education, has seen substantial changes, with previously minor difficulties becoming major concerns. According to CNBC, about 100 private universities have collapsed in the last seven years, with the COVID pandemic compounding the trend.


Schools of education within our academic institutions, both large and small, are bearing the brunt of the burden. 

To sustain and safeguard our colleges and universities, we must begin to pivot and evolve in the face of these shifts. Failure to do so has had profound repercussions.

​Sadly, the fate of many of our beloved academic institutions has already been written.




Despite good intentions, those commonly advocated strategies and the implementation of largely traditional initiatives to draw students haven't yielded much of an impact. As a result, we frequently decrease our admittance criterion in order to postpone closures.


Tragically, Schools of Education are rapidly closing or becoming targets of acquisition across the nation, conducting business-as-usual isn't working.

It's undeniably a challenging time for the industry, and we sincerely empathize with the struggles you may be facing as well. 

Don't lose hope! This actually presents a great opportunity for growth.

​But it's time to transcend survival mode and embrace innovative solutions that can unlock the limitless potential of your academic institution.

You can experience the exhilaration of continuous growth, success, and job stability with our solutions. 

Together, we can navigate these uncertain times and create a future where you, your students, and your institution can thrive.

Emerge Even Greater

Broils Consulting Group is ranked by Wall Street industry experts like Business Wire  (a Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Firm) as one of the TOP 25 leaders in the K-12 global education consulting markets, TOP 10 in Higher Education.

Our proven & proprietary solutions and services can elevate your value proposition and position your institution as a leader in the industry.

Let's explore how our cutting-edge professional learning solutions and our business consulting services may seamlessly integrate with your current curriculum and programming.

Setting you, your faculty, institution and students up for unprecedented success!


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Our unique approach and decades of experience are not only what differentiates us but is also what makes us extremely effective and our clients successful.

Our commitment to your success and our passion for the education industry has made us one of the most innovative and effective consulting firms in the industry. 


Together, we can unlock the your institution's full potential, propelling it toward unprecedented success.

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