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Ignite Your Organizations's Growth by
Helping Our Nation's Retiring Educators



  • Increase brand awareness;

  • Scale and expand within current markets;

  • Elevate brand identity and appeal

  • Diversify your product and service offerings;

  • Establish long-term consumer relationships.

  • Discover new and untapped markets

  • Increase member acquisition, engagement, and retention rates by elevating your value proposition.

Rekindling Brilliance & Purpose

Transforming the Lives of the Nation's Educator Retirees while Increasing Your Organization's Value Proposition

It’s a startling truth that hundreds of thousands of retired educators (both education leaders and teachers) face dire financial struggles within a few short years of exiting the school system. Most reach school district retirement eligibility in their late 50s, nearly a decade before reaching the national retirement age. This poses another unique set of challenges.

Many retired educators who were once 6-figure earners and maintained fiscally responsible lives are now suffering significant hardships but remain often silent due to embarrassment.


A disproportionate number of these individuals attempt to re-enter the workforce struggling to navigate a new and unfamiliar private sector job market. Most end up on the same narrow career paths, stuck in low-wage, labor-intensive, or entry-level positions such as retail, MLM and pyramid sales, social workers, college adjuncts, tutors, etc., despite possessing highly marketable and transferable skills.


Others have experienced multiple failed attempts at launching education consulting firms without the necessary business acumen and are teetering on the brink of financial ruin.


It is troubling that so many of our retired citizens in the education profession, despite having highly marketable skills, endure a life of struggle post-retirement, simply because they lack access to the necessary career transition readiness resources needed, receive limited support, and are greatly underserved.


While our nation prioritizes recruiting new educators, we appear to inadvertently neglect the plight of countless retired educators.


These incredibly selfless educators, who have devoted the majority of their lives shaping young minds, now find themselves unnoticed and underserved.

Reviewing Paperworks

I have no money in the bank. All my credit cards are maxed out. I've hit rock bottom.

(Mrs. M - Retired Educator)

I started out doing insurance sales and didn't want to tell anyone that I was a superintendent.

(Dr. M - Retired)

I tried bartending, real estate and sold one house, maybe I'll be a mail man.

(Mr. R - former Principal)

By offering specialized career transition readiness support to retiring educators,
your organization can not only help to address a
critical need 
but also pave the way for greater success for your organization.

 Emerge Even Greater

Broils Consulting Group is ranked by Wall Street industry experts like Business Wire  (a Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Firm) as one of the TOP 25 leaders in the global K-18 education consulting markets world-wide.

Our proprietary career transition readiness solutions and services are transforming lives and will elevate your value proposition. 

Let's discuss how our cutting-edge solutions and/or business consultation services, can seamlessly and easily integrate with your existing offerings.

Together, we can unleash the untapped potential of our nation's retiring educators, empowering them to create a brighter tomorrow, while helping to drive unprecedented success for your organization!

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