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From Educator to Executive for a Leading Education Company in ONE Month!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

"This is truly my new dream job! I now go to bed and sleep well and wake up every morning refreshed. I am now making an impact on young peoples’ lives on a global level (as an Education Executive for a leading education company). I am still in disbelief," Mrs. L.

This former public school educator is living her best life ... wanna learn how she did it?

Jobs for Teachers
From the Classroom to Education Executive in ONE Month - Living Her Best Life!

Listen to our interview with a former public school educator as she shares her journey from the school system to an incredible new career in ONE month.

We were even shocked by how quickly she landed her dream job! Not really. ☺︎

Check out the 13-minute excerpt (below), where she shares powerful advice and essential tips on how to effectively navigate the career transition and job search process.

Learn how she successfully leveraged her skills as a Classroom Teacher, Instructional Coach and School Administrator to land her dream career as an Implementation Manager for one of the world's leading education companies. If she did it, you can too.
Learn how Mrs. L accelerated the career transition process, masterfully executed the 10 steps of an effective job search AND found the new career of her dreams in record time. Take a few minutes to listen.

Note: The time to transition to a new career can vary per individual.

Stay Safe. Stay Empowered. Stay Awesome.

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