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We help
Education Professional Associations,

Academic Institutions,
Government Agencies 
and Retirement Planning Firms


  1. Elevate value proposition and increase market share

  2. Scale into new and untapped markets

  3. Attract top tier talent and improve recruitment rates

  4. Boost membership acquisition and retention levels

  5. Increase brand awareness and secure market viability

Unlocking Opportunities:
Strengthening Brand Recognition and
Market Viability in the K-18 Education Industry.


The transformative power of our solutions

 are revolutionizing the K-12 industry

unlocking hidden potential and untapped opportunities.


Our goal is to serve as a guiding light, empowering organizations like yours to navigate through the ever-evolving market landscape with confidence and achieve remarkable market sustainability. 

To not just survive but thrive.


By aligning your organization or institution with us,

you open the door to a world of possibilities.


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Recognized as a leader in the industry by

Wall Street Industry experts

in their market analysis of education consulting firms across the 

United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, the Middle East, North Africa and GCC Countries, etc.


Recognized by:

Business Wire

(a Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway Company)


(a Dow Jones Company),

Yahoo Finance,

AP News (the Associated Press),

Fox News

PRN Newswire,

Globe Newswire

The Digital Journal of Canada,

multiple global, national, regional media outlets


Please note: our firm does not solicit nor pay for media coverage or rankings.

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Nearly 600,000 educators have exited the profession from 2020 - 2022
(National Education Association, 2022)

Nearly 900,000 plan to retire or separate at the end of the school year 
(McKinsey & Associates, 2022)


 The implications are  widespread with societal and economic repercussions for

individuals, our academic institutions, education associations and many of the K-18 serving organizations as well as communities and countries across the globe.

Academic institutions, professional associations and K-12 serving organizations are suffering insurmountable revenue and marketshare losses with threats of closure or

targets of an acquisition. 

Traditional solutions have had some effect, but the outcomes were not as measurable and quantifiable as anticipated .

Although commendable, the majority of recruitment and retention strategies are traditional and common; such as educator self-care initiatives, financial incentives, an increase of education appreciation events, the use of guest speakers and professional development workshops centered around perseverance and grit, etc.

Broils Consulting Group delivers solutions to improve organizational success by collaborating with you to address the complex difficulties within our K-12 education systems that


your role

and the success of the company or institution.

We operate at the intersection of commerce and education, helping  businesses and institutions

 navigate risks and secure their future

Strong and Effective… Beyond Expectations

... skilled in communicating professionally with leaders, deep expertise

to meet customer needs ...consistent in achieving great results


Rebecca (Regional Vice President of Implementation - New York Top 5 Global, K12 Education Company)

Leverage Our Decades of Expertise and Take Your

Organization or Institution

to the Next Level

     Build brand exposure and accelerate membership and client acquisition rates

 Decrease the surge of membership cancellations by retiring and separating educators by elevating brand relevance 

      Establish brand longevity by providing a broader, diversified and equitable service model that also addresses the needs of retiring educators 

    Elevate retention and improve your state's and school districts' recruitment appeal

    Reverse the stark decline of enrollment in education majors at colleges and universities and improve

the level of talent within your applicant pool

     Gain a competitive edge in the K-18 verticals, and scale into untapped markets, etc.

"Ingenuity, Aptitude and Passion for Education


Such ingenuity, aptitude and passion for education

resulting in a well-written and researched marketing and feasibility study ... 

Dedicated and passionate about education. Went above and beyond a fix priced contract.


I am looking forward to

working together again.

Jennifer, Director of Business Development

(Colorado Education Firm with government clients and partnerships with  NASA , Lockheed Martin and the Dept. of Education, etc.)

"High Quality Action-Based Consulting

Provided High quality action-based consulting services on a national education initiative.


Experienced, knowledgeable, task-oriented, organized and focused.


Talented, astute and professional no matter the task, a pleasure to work with!"

Jerry, Executive Director 

(Washington DC – One of the Nation's Leading Education Professional  Associations)

The Best!

"Enjoyed the inservice. I learned a lot!"

"This was the best interactive training demo, I've ever had!"

"Good Job! I appreciate your patience with

the new kid on the block."

"Truly excellent. She really understands classroom teachers."

"Best presentation all day!!!"

                         | Onsite Large Group Staff Development Sessions: Training Survey Responses

Colleges & Universities


Our institutions and colleges are among the greatest in the world yet many are at risk of closure.

Let's work together to save our K-12 educational programs within our cherished institutions and give your college or university a competitive edge.

A college degree in education combined with K12 experience opens up employment opportunities that go far beyond the conventional education occupations.

However, the majority of our schools of education offer programs that are solely focused on three professions within the field making a degree in education a less attractive long-term investment option for the 21st century college student.


We assist universities in preparing the workforce for K-12 careers of the future, helping you attract top talent to your undergrad and graduate schools of education, and provide innovative and viable K-12 continuing education programs for our retiring and veteran educators  pursuing post-retirement employment opportunities.  


Professional Associations & Government Agencies

Our professional associations and Federal and State Departments of Education are an essential support system for K-12 professionals, young learners and schools across the country.

With the majority of the focus on the needs of practicing and prospective educators (although truly warranted), the needs of your retired and retiring members are often perceived as a lower priority.

Diversifying your services and support to meet the needs of both practicing and non-practicing K-12 professionals, will not only benefit retiring K-12 professional, but your organization and the profession as a whole.

Positioning your organization for long-term sustainability and greater success, we can aid in increasing engagement and deter the burgeoning numbers of retiring and exiting educators from canceling their memberships by creating  a greater value proposition.

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Retirement Planning Organizations


The median retirement age for educators between 55 and 57​

In the United States, full retirement age is typically 66 to 67.


As a result, a large number of retired and retiring educators are pursuing second careers in new industries, either out of passion or necessity.

The private industry job market vastly differs from the school systems and poses a unique set of challenges. Retired classroom teachers and administrators (many of whom once held occupations equivalent to middle management and C-Suite positions and earned six-figure salaries) struggle to navigate an unfamiliar job search process, which is exacerbated by a scarcity of customized career transition resources, and further impedes their progress.

As a result, numerous individuals are relegated to a narrow career path that includes occupations like tutoring, college adjunct, retail, social worker, nanny, (pyramid sales companies), and entry-level or labor-intensive blue-collar roles, leading to severe financial hardships for many of our nation’s educators.

Re-skilling and obtaining another degree for educators who have previously invested in and obtained higher degrees is not ideal for everyone.

For most educators learning how to navigate a private sector new job market is mission critical.

Let's work together to ensure that our nation's esteemed educator retirees get the skills and support they need to enjoy life well into their golden years.


Despite our best efforts, retiring and exiting educators can get lost in the shuffle, especially when we're operating in survival mode and hyper-focused on recruitment, retention and student achievement and the hundreds of other responsibilities.

When retention efforts are unsuccessful and the educator's painful decision to leave is final, they often feel ignored, discarded, and in some instances; ostracized and lost. 


How we support retiring educators, whether real or perceived, can reflect either positively or adversely on our academic institutions and education organizations and impact our recruitment and retention efforts.

"When I submitted my letter of resignation, after nearly two decades in the classrooms all they said was congratulations ... that's it ... how disappointing." (Anonymous educator, 2022)

"Happy educators attract and support new recruits. Frustrated and Disappointed educators will tell potential recruits to find someplace else..."

(Anonymous Educator, 2022)

Our support must extend beyond a thank you and small celebration in the teacher's lounge or segment of a staff meeting, as many of our retiring and separating educators are suffering in silence.

Founded by a former administrator, we are keenly aware that schools have a lot on their plates already. This is an area where we can help lighten the load and set your school up for greater success.

We can provide tools to aid your retiring staff members AND help your school attract and retain top talent.


While the nation has prioritized retention and recruitment initiatives which is vital ...


Untitled design (1).png

“ I started out with insurance sales (initially selling door-to-door) and didn't want to tell anyone that I was a former Superintendent … ”

(Currently MLM Insurance sales) (MLM = multi-level marketing and pyramid sales)

Dr. M (Retired School Superintendent)

Untitled design (1).png

“My bank account is overdrawn and I’m nearly bankrupt. I wish I would have found you first before investing my money in this … [ ___ consulting training program].” 

 Dr. W (Retired Director of Curriculum and Instruction)

Untitled design (1).png

“I’ve hit rock bottom. My credit cards are maxed out I have no money in my bank accounts…I’ve been crying all day.” (Retired in 2018 – currently MLM Product Sales)

Mrs. M: (Retired Instructional Coach)

Untitled design (1).png

"I've tried Real Estate and sold one house, bartending for a few days, maybe I'll be a mailman ..."


Mr. R (Former Principal) 

Read our blog later: "What's happening to our retired and retiring school and district-level leaders in search of new careers:
Look wh
ere these 10 ended up..."

     With the nations concentration on the practicing educator, which is vital our retirees are largely underserved.

They are often the voices of the profession and can encourage or dissuade new and prospective educators.


Many retirees and veteran (seasoned) educators no longer see the 

     significance or value of our beloved education 

organizations and institutions.

Because, they frequently feel isolated and forgotten.

These overlooked retiring educators have the ears of aspiring and current educators who look to them for career guidance and counsel especially after the financial incentives used to recruit them begin to lose their allure.

Are you are retiring educator thinking yo (1).png

The median retirement age for educators is between 55 and 57.

Not all educators qualify for a pension.

For educators that do qualify, many of their pension benefits (from an already low salary) are less than half of their pre-retirement salaries.

The percentage of salary earned after retirement as pension income.  (, 2022)


  1. Illinois (49.7%)

  2. Mississippi (49.6%)

  3. Alabama (49.1%)

  4. New Jersey (48.0%)

  5. Nevada (47.1%)

  6. Georgia (46.2%)

  7. Wisconsin (46.1%)

  8. Kentucky (46.1%)

  9. Texas (44.9%)

  10. Louisiana (33.8%) 

Social Security: 40% of Educators are not eligible

In the USA, to receive full social security benefits the retirement age is between 65 and 67 for many Americans. 

Depending on the state in which they reside, systems are not set up for educators to pay into social security.


Nearly 40% are NOT eligible for Social Security benefits as a source of income.

TOP 10

  1. South Carolina (94.2%)

  2. Tennessee (88.2%)

  3. South Dakota (78.7%)

  4. Oregon (78.6%)

  5. Michigan (75.3%)

  6. Washington (74.4%)

  7. Rhode Island (73.9%)

  8. Florida (73.7%)

  9. Hawaii (71.0%)

  10. Virginia (70.7%)   


Millions of retired K-12 professionals seek second careers (full time or part-time) to survive but struggle to navigate a new and unfamiliar private industry job market which also poses a new set of challenges.

The majority of the world's retiring educators lead fiscally responsible lives,

but millions face severe financial hardships and are destined for life of poverty during their golden years.

Retired classroom teachers and administrators (countless education leaders held positions equivalent to C-Suite executives and earned six-figure salaries ), possess highly marketable skills,

but struggle to navigate a new and unfamiliar job market and search process with poses a unique set of challenges,

worsened by the

scarcity of customized career transition readiness (CTR) resources and support.

Countless retired senior-level educators have depleted their retirement nest eggs


teeter on the verge of bankruptcy, falling prey to education consulting scams and a lack to CTR skills.

For fear of judgement or embarrassment, many remain silent.

Relegated to Narrow Career Paths 

Due to a lack of career transition readiness support, the majority of the world's educators although equipped with highly marketable skills are relegated to narrow career paths that include occupations like:

tutoring, college adjunct instructor, retail, social worker, nanny, curriculum designer, multi-level marketing (pyramid sales companies), and entry-level or labor-intensive blue-collar roles.



May we pose a few questions?


1. If you were considering a new career and you witnessed the plight of our nation's retiring and retired K-12  educators, would you enter or remain in the profession long-term?

2. As a retired educator, how long would you maintain your membership or affiliation with an education association that primarily serves the interests of practicing and prospective educators?

3.  Would you value a degree in education if you thought your career options were limited?

4. Can you see the correlation between the health and financial well-being of the world's retiring and retired educators and the health and well-being of your organization?

5. Despite the best intentions of many, the nation's focus (although vital) resides in the interests and needs of prospective and practicing educators while our retirees are largely underserved.

If you were a retiree would you recommend or dissuade others from pursuing a long-term career in the K-12 education field?

Broils Consulting Group delivers organizational solutions to help address chronic and complex issues that afflict our educational system.
We're ALL on the same team.

Solving three problems at once:

Helping our world's K-12 serving institutions and organizations establish long term viability in the market place

Equipping our nation's retiring educators re-entering the workforce with vital career transition readiness skills essential to financial freedom  

while attracting top-tier talent to the profession


preparing the workforce for tomorrow's K-12 careers.

Fostering growth and success for ALL.

Ranking Second to None

As a former seasoned CEO, I have witnessed client after clientele both attest to, refer and specifically request Ms. Broils services.

Innate aptitude for training capacity ... consistently melds purpose for learning and procedure for proficiency with a proficiency amongst constituents ranking second to none..

Anton W.,

Former CEO and Founder of  a national charter schools

C-Suite Executive -  global education company



Broils Consulting Group, LLC (founded in 2015)

 is dedicated to cultivating partnerships

driven by purpose,

leveraging our decades of experience with a results-driven approach that is always centered on the client.

We strive to create long-lasting, tailored solutions to fit our clients' needs.

Cross industry expertise:


Higher Education








Our CTR solutions can benefit your institution or organization 

and the educators that you employ or serve.

Our Career Transition Readiness (CTR) solutions 

 prepare retiring and retired K-12 professionals for the

next phase in their careers,

raise the value of a college degree in the field of education

elevate your school district's reputation and 

recruitment appeal


help educational professional associations

increase membership engagement, retention and acquisition rates,

access untapped markets and

avoid obscurity.




Emerge even greater

The viability of any organization relies heavily upon its ability to adjust and evolve amidst industry disruptions. The K–12 education sector is battling five significant issues threatening sustainability.


As a leader in this industry, our solutions can elevate your value proposition by positioning you as a comprehensive support system for K-12 educators at ALL stages of their career journeys.

Let's discuss how our solutions can easily and seamlessly integrate within your current offerings.

Let's schedule a quick call.

Please provide your contact information in the form located at the bottom of this page


Thank you.

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Our services and solutions

can help you

 Increase brand relevancepositioning and
avoid obscurity,
Elevate  brand identity, revenue projections 

within an often ignored
underserved  markets and beyond


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Consulting Services


Product Development



Training Services

Career Transition Readiness Training 

Small and Large Group Workshops & Events


  Individual Coaching

 "Live" Webinars and Masterclasses


Career Transition Readiness

Professional Learning Solutions 

Publications (Print & Digital)

Licensing Options

Designed with  over 20 years of experience, from K-12,  Higher Ed,  Edtech,  Non-profit,

Wall Street, to Government,

created with best practices in instructional design, training delivery, adult learning theory, multi-modal learning,

 blended learning strategy and learner engagement,

aligned and designed with the

ADDIE and Kirkpatrick Models, growth mindset, adult learning strategy,

best-in-class human resources and talent acquisition practices,


customized to meet and exceed clients needs.

Our products and services are centered around

the 6 key areas listed below.

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The 6-phase roadmap for the retired and retiring educators is a suggested pathway but can be customized

and adapted to align with your organization's and institutions's needs.

Our courses, workshops,  "live" webinars , publications and consultation services are aligned with this proven and proprietary framework. 

6 phase copyright Broils Consulting.png

Onsite Training,
"Live" Webinars, 
Small and Large Group Coaching

College Seminars

2-hour, 1/2 day, full day, 3 day and Long-term support

Workshops Overview_Broils Consulting_ flyer HD.png

Our Publications and Resources

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