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              "Specializing in winning resume makeovers for retiring and separating
                 K-12 professionals exploring new careers and consulting opportunities"

Are you exploring new career options outside of academia or contemplating an education consulting career?

Educators have a vast set of skills and talents that can be utilized in thousands of incredible and lucrative career opportunities

far beyond the school setting.

This includes careers where you can still make a difference in young lives or the lives of other educators without being an employee of a school system, tutoring company or academia - 

 Working for leading education companies, global education firms,

government agencies, children's toy companies, etc., in multiple career fields

across several industries.

There are also countless non-K12 related companies and organizations that are a great fit for K-12 educators as well.

Sounds amazing right? 

BUT ...

The   wrong resume can become a barrier to your success, lock you into low wage and undesirable careers options or keep you stuck.

It's important to note that many employers are disqualifying applicants with AI generated resumes, so it's crucial to have a personalized and polished resume that highlights your unique skills and experiences.

The   right resume can open up a world of career opportunities.

If educators want to transition to higher level careers at a faster rate, your resume MUST effectively market your talent and meet industry criteria.

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Struggles of Retired Educators.png

The rejection often leads to self-doubt.
Many educators begin to internalize that they are not qualified to do anything else.

It's NOT you but it is mostly likely your resume.

Another problem:
resume support customized for the transitioning educator is scarce and hard to find.

It's often generic or low quality
and sometimes
too expensive.

Our resume service and support is customized for K-12 professionals at the classroom, school and district-levels; from teachers to administrators. 

It's high quality, best-in-class and


Are you applying and not getting responses or receiving continuous rejections?

Are you continuing to apply with hopes that THIS TIME you'll get lucky?

It can be a humbling and discouraging experience.

Don't allow your resume to be a barrier between you and your dream job or consulting opportunity.

You're more than capable and qualified for several incredible careers beyond the classrooms and schools!

Broils Consulting Client 2.png

Educators have a wealth of experience and are qualified for multiple careers beyond the school system. But too many get rejected simply because of their resumes.​


Holding a B.A., M.A., M.Ed, CAGS, Ed.S, Ed.D or a Ph.D. will not guarantee an interview if our resumes are not aligned with private industry specifications. 

As former consultants to private sector Hiring Managers and Advisors for Human Resource Executives, we've witnessed far too many educator's resumes tossed due to things that can be easily corrected and revised.

The job market outside of the school system just requires a different type of resume IF you want to experience greater levels of career transition success.

A resume is no longer just a chronology of the career titles, job descriptions, college degrees and certifications earned. Although valuable, this format will not win you an interview for those dream jobs and consulting roles.

Your resume is also a marketing tool that should sell your professional brand - that means YOU and the value that you bring to the table.

This resume format is different but NOT difficult to learn.

Let's get that interview that you so greatly deserve by taking this crucial step to landing your new DREAM CAREER

Winning Resume Makeovers

Resume Makeover for Transitioning Educators.png

Grab your copy:

The Ultimate Career Transition Toolkit for Educators

Designed for current and former educators

exploring new careers

or seeking

a promotion within the school system.

Here's what you get:

🔥 🔥 Six of our winning resumes that landed interviews

at leading companies that you can copy and modify


Quick and easy

resume makeover Guidance and instructions

(6)RESUME exemplars total

Designed for New, Veteran and Retired


Instructional Coaches,

School and District-level Administrators.

(2)Cover letters,

(1)Job Application Follow-up email template,


(2) Interview Thank you letters


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"I was in the middle of escaping an abusive relationship. After sharing the past perilous and triumphant fourteen years of my life, Shelly immediately offered to help me. That’s what she does – she helps people find their way out of a tunnel or maize, whichever visual works for you!


What I know and am grateful for is that she reintroduced me to me.


A survivor of abuse needs help finding their identity again, and I was on the hunt.


When I found the resume they emailed me,


I looked at my resume and said,


Who’s this rockstar,” and she reminded me that it’s me …


Thank you, Shelly!”

Jennifer, Colorado Educator Rockstar

Regular Price $50

Close out Sale


Sale Ends: July 16th​​​

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🍎 Attention cherished educators:

Broils Consulting Group is discontinuing our direct-to-consumer sale of our career transition publications as we work with education organizations and government agencies that support educators. 

Thank you for your support. It's an exciting time for us!


Educators will no longer be able to purchase publications directly through us. Don't miss out on our closeout sale.


The Ultimate Career Transition and Resume Toolkit is your ticket to landing that interview or your dream job or consulting role.


Our winning resumes have helped countless educators WIN interviews for their next big opportunity by setting them above the competition.

Download your copy today and take control of your career change journey.

Don't let this opportunity slip away - act now!

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No PayPal account is needed.
Debit and Credit Cards Accepted

Available NOW for download only
Purchase Policy
Due to the proprietary nature and format of the publication,
All purchases/sales are final.


 When remitting payment:

    SELECT the "return to merchant" button

CLICK the "green download" button.

  LOCATE the "downloads" folder on your computer, tablet or other device

to access your copy

Superrrrrrrrrrrr amazing!!!

The resume and the interview course were the best ever!

I would highly recommend them to anyone who’s serious about getting the next best fit position to make an investment…



Brooke (Virginia School Administrator)

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