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We help retired, retiring
and separating K-12 educators

Determine your next career move 
Make informed career transition decisions with confidence and clarity
Leverage your talent across multiple industries and career paths



We help K12 serving organizations and institutions,
government agencies,  
retirement planning firms


   Elevate brand awareness and Sustain market viability

  Improve engagement and Increase consumer acquisition rates

Improve value proposition and market share

Cultivating growth and success for All


We're all on the same team.

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Ranked by Wall Street industry experts

and top business analysts across the globe

as an international leader

in the education consulting industry 

2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024

 recognized  by: 

Business Wire (a Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway firm),

 MarketWatch (a Wall Street - Dow Jones company),

Fox News,


Globe Newswire,

PR Newswire,

AP News (The Associate Press),

national and international media outlets, etc …

Broils Consulting Group is ranked as one of TOP 20 global education consulting firms by Wall Street industry experts, senior analysts and business leaders in the analysis of leading global education consulting companies across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, the Middle East, North Africa and GCC Countries, etc.​

Broils Consulting Group does not solicit nor pay for rankings nor media coverage.

Leading names like Anglia Education Consulting, Boston Consulting Group, Broils Consulting Group … their strategic prowess and specialized services are shaping the industry’s trajectory … catalyzing transformative changes in educational landscapes globally.

Senior Analyst - Technavio
USA, United Kingdom, Canada
(February 2024)

Over a half-million K-12 educators have retired or exited the profession since January of 2020, with numbers climbing to 600,000 in 2022 (US Department of Labor),

an estimated 900,000 in 2023 (McKinsey & Associates).

The ramifications are wide spread, with many hidden and unaddressed issues

impacting not only

learning institutions, 

but educational organizations, k-12 serving businesses,

children, the livelihoods of our retiring and separating educators and the national economy.

Commonly advocated and traditional strategies

 to address the education crisis have had minimal impact.

This has exploded into an enormous crisis threatening the futures of countless retiring and separating educators

as well as the survival and prominence 

of countless

K-12 serving organizations and institutions.

It's concerning that many of our most beloved education organizations, institutions,

honored and respected educators despite being aware,

continue to carry out their usual operations,

putting their own future or

their organization's viability at risk.

We understand that change can be difficult but it is often necessary.

 The transformative power of our solutions can drive market viability and growth for

K–12 serving organizations and academic institutions


paving the way to a brighter future for our nation’s retiring and separating educators

transitioning to the next phase of their lives.




We operate at the intersection of education and commerce, helping organizations, institutions, and individuals.

At the heart of our mission lies a profound purpose where the K–12 education industry,

 and the world's educators find harmony, 

and experience a future where everyone can emerge even greater.

We specialize in business consultation services


Career Transition Readiness (CTR)

professional learning solutions


organizations and individuals.

Our proprietary products and services are unparalleled,

transforming the lives of retiring and separating K-12 professionals


empowering K-12 serving organizations and institutions to secure 

long-term market viability


emerge even greater.

Research-based & proprietary






individual and organizational

 growth and success.




For retiring and separating K-12 professionals exploring new career options, transitioning from the school system can be incredibly challenging and confusing.


Whether you've worked at the classroom-level, school-level or held leadership roles at the district-level or possess advanced college degrees, countless educators struggle to navigate the private sector

job market. Landing a worthwhile career

beyond the school systems is a daunting task for an overwhelming number of our nation's educators. 

Compound that with the scarcity of career transition support available,

 it often leads them to limited options on the same narrow career paths that fail to utilize the depths of their talent and experience.

  Despite possessing highly marketable and transferable skills, far too many end up on the same narrow career paths in roles such as college adjunct, tutor, curriculum designer, MLM and pyramid sales, real estate, insurance sales, taxi driver, drop shipping, interims or substitutes, retail and lower paying entry-level roles or investing even more money in additional college degrees. Thousands of others are blindly navigating the education consulting realm exhausting their savings and retirement pensions, teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.  Sound familiar?

It's not their fault. But without the right resources and support,

nothing really changes. Don't limit yourself to a few occupations when a world of incredible opportunities awaits.

Founded by a former K-12 educator that also initially struggled to transition due to limited resources and support and was undervalued.

We understand the immense value and expertise that educators bring to the table, and how your skills are transferrable across multiple industries to mind-blowing careers with hundreds of

leading companies and organizations.

Step into the next chapter of your career with confidence, learn to leverage your true potential and discover that dream career opportunity that you rightly deserve.

Explore your career transition support options today.

Broils Consulting Group is a global leader in matching K-12 professionals (Administrators, Teachers, Instructional Coaches, etc.)

with incredible careers across multiple industries. 

Academic Institutions


Our beloved schools of education in colleges and universities are disappearing as a result of declining enrollments. Many of our cherished colleges and universities are in jeopardy with hundreds closing their K-12 education programs.

Fewer college students are entering the teaching profession, attracting top tier talent  into our schools of education at the undergrad and graduate levels is a national challenge.

A degree in education is perceived as holding less value. Many college students are unaware that a degree in education combined  with K12 experience opens up employment opportunities that go far beyond the same traditional education occupations. ​

To attract and retain exceptional talent, many elite candidates desire diversified and progressive career opportunities, opting against a lifetime confined to a narrow and traditional career pathway: teacher, instructional coach, resource teacher or counselor, school and district administrator to a college professor or consultant. Although all are noble careers, the K-12 education field offers several expansive career pathways, unknown to most that afford opportunities to impact young lives and improve our schools. 

IMPLICATIONS: As a result, our best and brightest avoid entering the profession, all together or they leave within a few years, taking their talent with them.

We help universities in preparing the workforce for K-12 careers of the future. Attract top talent to your undergrad and graduate schools of education, and provide innovative and viable K-12 continuing education programs for our retiring and veteran educators  pursuing post-retirement employment opportunities.  


Professional Associations & K-12 Serving Agencies



Despite many noble intentions, the primary focus of the nation has primarily been on current and future K–12 educators, a matter of utmost importance. Regrettably, this emphasis has overshadowed the needs of our esteemed educator retirees, who have been largely underserved. Support for retirees is largely in the the form of retail discounts, insurance, some investment planning, a few job leads and perhaps an annual event.


As a result many of our nation's retired and retiring educators begin to disengaged no longer perceiving a long-term benefit in maintaining their affiliation or membership. 

Consequently, this not only poses significant implications for individuals but numerous K–12-serving organizations and institutions.

Retirees are representatives and brand ambassadors of our schools and organizations, commanding the attention of our current and aspiring educators. They have the power to either inspire or discourage talent from entering the profession altogether. The ramifications are far-reaching.


How we care for our retirees has implications.

As a leader in this industry, our solutions can elevate your value proposition by positioning you as a comprehensive support system for K-12 educators at ALL stages of their career journeys.


Let's discuss how our career transition readiness solutions can easily and seamlessly integrate with your services and help your organization increase your value proposition, avert obscurity and thrive.

We've developed one of most powerful, innovative and comprehensive lines of solutions to help reverse the crises impacting the world of education.


globally recognized,

proven, and proprietary 

products and services 

on the education markets today.

​    ​

Over ten years of research, development, testing, and implementation

resulting in 

a cutting-edge line of solutions to address the unique needs of retiring and separating K-12 professionals,

while  also focusing on the

growth and sustainability of K-18 education institutions and education organizations around the world.

Fostering growth and success for ALL.


 We help academic institutions, education associations, government agencies and retirement planning firm secure long-term market viability,

increase marketshare and talent acquisition rates

within the K–18 verticals.


    We help ease the career transition process for retiring and separating K-12 educators equipping them

with the tools and support to effectively navigate the next chapter of their professional lives

and secure a brighter future.





Solving two problems at once:

 C ultivating growth and success for ALL.

Yes, we can.


Discover Our Expertise

Broils Consulting Group was founded in 2015 by a former educator, prominent global education consultant, international business development advisor to C-Suite industry leaders and a senior-level executive, possessing nearly three decades of education, brand development, human resources, professional learning solutions, technology and consumer products expertise.

Shelly Broils, M.A., M.Ed. has been a driving force of excellence in the

across multiple industries.

She's worked with leading corporate brands, institutions, non-profit agencies and government organizations from USA, Canada and London. 

From Crayola to Wall Street firms like Standards and Poors,

1,000s of school districts, to leading collaborations on a

national school reform created by a former President of the USA to serving as

a consultant on the Dept. of Defense and Dept. of Labor national military career transition initiative, earning accolades in requests to lead training at the Pentagon, etc. ​ 

However, it all began in a 5th grade classroom of an incredible school district in the Midwest and working for a well-known school district

on the East Coast shaping young minds and serving as a school administrator.

Shelly also initially struggled when attempting to transition due to limited access to specialized and high quality CTR (Career Transition Readiness) resources and support.

She now leads Broils Consulting Group, a dedicated and talented team of industry experts, results-driven and compassionate



Experienced.  Committed.  Innovative.  Effective. 


Broils Consulting Group is driven by an unwavering respect for K-12 administrators and teachers, an immeasurable appreciation for our esteemed academic institutions  and a deep admiration for organizations

that support and provide services to the world's educators.

Creating and cultivating partnerships with a purpose.

Building efficient and results-driven relationships.

Delivering support that makes a difference.



“Ranking Second to None” 

As a former seasoned CEO, I have witnessed client after clientele both attest to, refer and specifically request Ms. Broils services.

Innate aptitude for training capacity ... consistently melds purpose for learning and procedure for proficiency.


Committed. Prepared ... with a proficiency rate amongst constituents ranking second to none. 

Anton, CEO

C-Suite Exec., Global Education Firm

No other program I have come across is as all encompassing as Broils Consulting

Group's (most focus on transitioning into instructional design ONLY, but not everybody wants to do instructional design). 

Broils Consulting Group focuses on helping clients with finding their fit across multiple

types of work [occupations and industries] versus just one field, it's like no other." 


Huzzah, I got the job!  

Jacquelyn, Former K-12 Educator

Strong and Effective… Beyond Expectations” 

Shelly is a strong and effective consultant. Interested in the success and needs of school districts beyond expectations. Embodies a sincere desire to improve the learning experiences of educators and students.


A strong communicator and flexible in her delivery of training content to meet customer needs ... and consistently achieving great results..."

Rebecca, Director of Implementation

(New York - One of the nation's largest education companies)


Our Solutions for K-12 Serving Organizations and Institutions,
Education Associations,
Retirement Planning Firms and Government Agencies


  • Decrease the surge of membership cancellations by retiring and exiting K-12 educators, sustain brand relevance and scale into untapped markets

  • Strengthen your college's  long-term viability in teacher preparation  and K-12  continuing education programs and gain a competitive edge.

  • Improve the morale and retention rates of your current employees. Demonstrate that all staff are valued  and supported whether they remain, exit or retire.

  • Elevate your reputation and new employee recruitment potential. Educators talk, let's ensure that they're sharing positive messages about their workplace and exiting experiences with prospective applicants and the community.

  • Alleviate the stress that many Administrators experience when facing the difficult task of releasing an ineffective staff member.

  • Build brand exposure and accelerate membership and client acquisition rates.​

  • Help those displaced and retiring employees with the resources, tools, and guidance that will provide financial stability, ease their fears and anxieties. 

  • Accelerate the career transition and job search process for your involuntarily exited and retiring employees exploring second careers.

  • Eliminate or reduce the threat that a grossly ineffective or apathetic educator could potentially pose to students from prolonging the separation process OR lowering the certification standards.

  • Gain a competitive advantage and increase market-share.

Our Solutions for Retiring & Separating
K-12 Professionals



When you know in your heart and after careful consideration that it's time for a career change prolonging it could have an impact on your health and well-being, your family, and potentially the young people that you serve.

You are just 6 steps away from your next dream career.


Take the FIRST step and we will help you along the way

Our career transition readiness support will:

  • Help you determine your new career match quicker and accelerate job search

  • Reduce your confusion, trials and errors of searching alone that may lead you down the WRONG path

  • Allay many of the fears, anxieties, and frustrations of navigating an unfamiliar job market, increasing your confidence and effectiveness.​​

  • Build your professional brand and hiring advantage in this increasingly competitive job market.

  • Equip you with the tools and knowledge to make informed career and education consulting choices that align with your personal and health well-being,  family, financial and professional goals.

  • We can help to make your dreams of a wonderful NEW career or consulting opportunity, a reality.

Unseen or Overlooked Threats
to the K-18 Education Space

Five predominate trends that have contributed to the crises in K-12 education,
once considered minor by some 

have become explosive.
The negative impact is reverberating at both
 the individual and organizational levels with
economic and

with generational implications.

 Commonly advocated strategies and the implementation of the traditional K-12 initiatives have had minimal effect on combating the education crisis.


It's undeniably a challenging time for the industry.

However, we can emerge even greater.

Our viability and success relies heavily upon the ability to adjust and

evolve amidst industry disruptions.



Retired educators who sacrificed for years to teach our nation's young people are on the brink of poverty forcing retirees to

re-enter the workforce and settle for less desirable jobs to survive.

​ In 15 states, retired teachers do not receive social security benefits, and the average pension across several states is less than $19,000 annually. (Source:


Countless retired District and School level Administrators have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are on the verge of bankruptcy as a result of being preyed upon by various "get rich quick" education consulting scams and limited knowledge about business operations and the private industry job market. 

Once 6-figure earners while in the profession, hundreds of thousands are now suffering in silence, and struggling throughout their golden years with little to no career transition and retirement planning support.

Limited access to career transition readiness (CTR) and retirement support has become a national crises.

Our educator retirees are also the voices of the K-12 industry. They can encourage and inspire others to enter the profession OR discourage.

The implications of entering or continuing in a career that is not the right  fit can have catastrophic effects on the lives of educators and our nation's youth.

Just ONE year in a classroom with a highly ineffective educator costs students $1.4 million in lifetime earnings per classroom and could inflict psychological harm,"with individual and generational implications.

(Source: Education World: One Year With A Grossly Ineffective Teacher Costs Millions)

"My ___ was causing me so much anxiety and to make matters worse, I felt stuck. 

I had no idea that after years in education that I had skills that were transferable and that somewhere in the world there is a company that actually might value what I bring to the table... Thank you!.."

(Patricia, a highly skilled educator, furloughed for the 3rd time)

Many respected educational institutions, professional associations, and K-12 educator-serving organizations are in danger of becoming obsolete and targets of an acquisition due to significant revenue and market share losses.

While traditional initiatives and commonly advocated solutions such as educator self-care, pay increases, hiring bonuses, to address the crisis are noble, they have had little to no impact on long-term success or sustainability and profitability.

Unseen threats: professional organization membership levels and the number of college students pursuing education majors continue to rapidly decline.


Legacies of prominence and domination in the markets is sadly deteriorating with several on the brink of closing their doors, etc.

Services for Individuals

Transcend Survival Mode.

As a leader in the industry, our solutions are a comprehensive support system that easily integrate with most business models elevating your organization's value proposition.while providing critical support for the nation's educators navigating the next chapter of their careers.

Together, we can navigate these uncertain times and create a future where everyone thrives.

Expertise.  Innovation.  Dedication. 

With over 20 years of progressive Industry-wide experience,

BCG has researched, designed, tested and implemented one of the most innovative and one-of-a kind

proven & proprietary

career transition readiness (CTR) solutions designed to help reverse

the crisis in our

K-18 sector impacting Educators, Organizations and Institutions.

Your Strategic Partner Committed to Delivering Support That
Makes a Difference

Consulting Services

Professional Learning Solutions

Implementation and

Brand Strategy

Training Services

Small and Large Group Workshops

Seminars & Events

Train-the-Trainer Coaching

  Individual Coaching for Educators

 "Live" Webinars and Masterclasses


Career Transition Readiness

Professional Learning Solutions 

Publications (Print & Digital)

Licensing and Distribution Options

Image by Adeolu Eletu
Broils Consulting_Capability Statement

Broils Consulting_Capability Statement

Capability Statement 2024 p2

Capability Statement 2024 p2

Business Presentation


for Retirement Planning Firms,
Education Associations,
Academic Institutions,
Government Organizations

Click here:

The Blue Print for Future-focused Solutions

Our innovative products and services cultivate growth and success for all.



Retiring, Furloughed and Exiting

 exploring a career change or
a second career post-retirement.


Job Search Game has Changed_Broils Consulting Group.png

Broils consulting group



Educators with amazing education careers and consulting roles beyond the school systems and careers in other industries.


We help K-12 professionals discover industries and

incredible occupations that are a great match.

There's no one size (or one career) fits all.

No other service I have come across is all as encompassing ... it's like no other!!!

"Educators struggle bus through transitioning because the resources are scarce and low quality while paying through the nose for a service that doesn't fill the needs of ALL educators fully.

No other service I have come across is as all encompassing as

Broils Consulting Group's is

(most focus on transitioning into instructional design ONLY,

but not everybody wants to do instructional design). 

Broils Consulting Group focuses on helping clients with finding their fit across multiple 

types of work [occupations and industries] versus just one field,

it's like no other...

Huzzah, I got the job!" 



( Former  Utah K-12 Educator  NOW works for a Federal Government Agency

tripling her salary)


Work with a career transition specialist "live" online



in a group "live" webiniar


Take an OnDemand tutorial any time day or night.

Need a resume makeover, we have that too!

Engaging.  Informative. Inspiring.  Empowering. Effective.

"Opening doors, I only dreamed about ... Wow!"


( Former Virginia Administrator)

[Landed his first interview as an Executive for one of the world’s leading Literacy and Language Companies]

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All content herein is for informational and educational purposes only. Although clients have gotten exceptional results as viewed in their testimonials, the time to transition can vary per individual due to multiple variables beyond our control. Please note that Broils Consulting Group, LLC is not a job placement firm nor will guarantee employment due to factors beyond our control.


We do not endorse any particular 3rd party company or career featured on our website or within our publications and vice-versa. As a best practice, we also recommend researching any company or career of interest to insure that it is the right fit for you.

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