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Resume Makeovers: For Educators Seeking A Career Change

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Have you ever applied for a position and never received a response? GHOSTED!

Or perhaps you received that standard message, “Thank you for applying … we’ll keep your resume on file…

You’re not alone. It’s not you, the application process and resume criteria has changed in the last decade. Technology often drives this process.
The same resume that we use in the school system should be modified a bit to meet private industry criteria.

Winning Resume Makeover Tips For Educators Exploring Careers Beyond the Classrooms and School Systems.

8 Quick Makeover Tips:

  1. Incorporate action verbs to describe your work experience

  2. Do not overuse words like “passionate,” “hard-working,” “responsible," etc. Replace those terms with key skills. Those words are subjective.

  3. Add data, and facts, i.e.,  numeric data to describe at least 1/3 or more of your accomplishments.

4. Example:

NO: I taught Math to multiple students using different methods of instruction for several grade levels for 6 periods a day. This included using multiple instructional methods such as personalized, differentiated, and blended learning models. I greatly increased the overall average of performance for each section of Math that I taught.

YES: Increased student achievement in Math to an 89% average per learner by implementing differentiated, personalized and blended learning instructional methods

Now translate it to private industry language:

Increased learner achievement to an 89% average, implementing diversified blended learning instructional methodologies

5. Omit your Career Objective and replace it with a Professional Branding Statement (career objectives statements are becoming obsolete)


A passionate, hardworking and dedicated 21st century K-12 Instructional Leader seeking a career to utilize my experience in ...


6. Google the term Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The ATS are computerized resume screeners (resume bots) that scan your online resume for keywords. These resume robots often determine who the company will interview. So, a human may or may not see your based upon the ATS's screening results!

7. Customize your resume for each job type of interest e.g., your resume for Curriculum Manager roles job should slightly differ from your resume for a Professional Learning Facilitator role.

Also, this can reduce the time needed to further tailor the appropriate resume type (Professional Learning Facilitator, etc.) to the particular job vacancy listing.

8. Incorporate cadres, committees and school initiatives that you’ve organized or led on your resume

Do you need more resume help?

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