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What other careers can I pursue with my 
degree(s) in education?

Are you a Retiring or Exiting Administrator or Teacher exploring new career options or needing extra income?

Feeling stuck, confused or l
imited to those typical career options (each are noble pursuits):
- Tutoring,
- College Adjunct Professor,

- MLM Sales,
- Real Estate,

- Social Worker,
- Nanny,
- Drop shipping
- Retail,
- Substitute teacher or
interim administrator,
- Careers that r
equire steep pay cuts or starting at an entry-level,
- Career
s that require additional college degrees 


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Educators have so many more career options!

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A superb leader and motivator


Shelly, is a superb leader and motivator.


She helped me identify all skills that I have accomplished as an educator & in my current career.

Shelly has given me confidence in order to apply for careers that

I wouldn’t dream I had the qualifications.


She has gone beyond the call of duty to help me with other projects in the Education industry!

I am truly blessed & grateful a spirit in the universe has sent me to Shelly and her wonderful team.​

Due to your awesome training and tools. I utilized all the negotiation language we spoke

about and ... 

 I negotiated a 6-figure salary plus medical benefits for me and ... [child's name omitted].

"I got the job! I got the job!

I am blessed to have your encouragement and the universe has blessed me and my family!

Vicki (Virginia)

Until I met Shelly (Broils Consulting), I had no idea of the vast opportunities in the education field outside of teaching. 

I learned that I do have a valuable skill set that is appreciated and respected outside of the classroom.


I was able to find employment for an Educational Consulting company... If you are looking to leave teaching and wonder how to do it successfully, I highly recommend making the investment and working with Shelly and her team.

Pat (Retiring ITRT - Florida)



(Retiring Florida Educator)



I was having trouble stream lining my experience and skills to specific areas of interest and competencies for prospective employers.


After consulting with Broils Consulting Group, my [job search] and resume are now concise and align closely to the roles that I am seeking.


I also just landed my first interview after years

of trying and you're the reason I got this {new} job!

Wanda (Edtech Senior-level Exec., - Maryland)


Wanda (Maryland)

I finally felt that someone out there not only understood my struggle but had a plan for moving forward. Shelly provided the encouragement, motivation, and direction I needed to achieve my goal.


After working with them, I got the job offer [with one of the Top 5 Education Companies in the USA] of my dreams.

Thank you to Shelly and the Broils Consulting Group for shining your light and giving me the confidence I needed to believe it was possible!

Steph (Resource Teacher - Tennessee)


Steph (Tennessee)

Broils Consulting Group has helped countless educators across the globe discover their new purpose and dream career.

See additional testimonials here

An Educator's Skills + Our Guidance = Dreams Realized!!!

"We are  ALL created with gifts and talents ... Not just some of us but ALL of us," Nelson Mandela

Educators have incredible skills AND talents that are transferable and highly marketable beyond our school systems.


Not just some educators, but ALL of them - including YOU.


You have the talent. Yet, there are a few essential tools and strategies that transitioning educators 


have in their toolkits which when implemented effectively can

to lead to


of professional success!

We can help you uncover your ideal career match.
Every educator, although qualified, may not have an interest
in the SAME career.
There are also careers
that have a steeper learner curve.
On paper, a job may 
appear to be a good fit, but in reality, it may not be.
So we'll help you target your transferable skills and help you align them with
several incredible careers ... giving you tools to make more
informed decisions..

While also providing expert advice on how to steer clear of  some of the common mistakes many transitioning educators make. 
Providing key strategies for increasing the chances of being HIRED for that dream career
or education consulting opportunity.

Join Us


Identifying Your Educator Superpowers to

Discover the RIGHT Career and Employer Match

The Ultimate Career Transition Guidance Experience

for K-12 Educators


60 Amazing Education Careers Beyond the School Systems

100+  leading Education Companies and Organizations that have recruited K-12 professionals


Learn key tips and several Private Industry HIRING Secrets that YOU Should Know

 including  some valuable resume tips, 

online job application strategies and interviewing tips.

Led by

One of the world's leading career transition experts.

Recognized as one of the TOP 25

Education Consulting Firms in the World!

Serving in senior-level roles from international business development and marketing to

corporate hiring,

talent acquisition,

human resources and training,

professional learning solutions products and services development to implementation management consulting.


The former teacher and school administrator transitioned from an accomplished career in the public schools to a global industry leader, sought-after consultant and

senior-level executive.

Shelly Broils, M.A., M.Ed., (founder of the company) has advised and worked with prominent multi-national education companies and industry leaders in the United States, London and Canada from Houghton Mifflin to Scholastic and Pearson, etc., to Wall Street firms, Standard & Poors and Guidepoint Global to children's toy companies like Crayola,

national education organizations like the NEA in Washington, DC, to serving as a SME and collaborating on federal government learning initiatives created by a former President of the United States and First Lady,

the Department of Defense and Department of Labor Career Transition Initiative for military service personnel earning recognition and invitations to lead job search readiness seminars at the Pentagon in Washington DC,

to advising 1,000s of schools and school districts

across the United States, etc.


However, it all began in a 5th grade classroom of an

incredible school district in the Midwest, followed by relocating and working for a well-known school district

on the East Coast.

She understands the difficulties that many educators face whenconsideringnewcareer paths because she's been there herself.  

  It can be discouraging, disheartening, confusing and deflating at times. Prompting thoughts of giving up or settling for less than one deserves!  


So, she is committed and insists on leading this "live" webinar at least once a year

Don't give up! Don't miss this opportunity.

Let's go get your dream career!
Here are the details...

In this "live" webinar, we will

Resources and Materials Provided:
Participant Workbook and Strategy Guide
Our Careers and Companies
featuring 60 Education Careers with career descriptions, qualifications, salary ranges, etc.
PLUS 100+ leading companies that have recruited K-12 professionals and includes 
company descriptions, etc.

Powerful. Inspiring. Interactive. Fun. Effective.

Learn how to Leverage the skills you gained as an educator to land your new dream job or consulting gig!




Connect with a Career Coach



"Live" Online via Zoom

Learn from the comforts of home or anywhere that you have internet access and a device (laptop, desktop or tablet suggested).


The "live" webinar is designed for current or former K-12 Professionals (Administrators, Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Librarians, Resource Teachers, Counselors, etc...)

Non-K12 Professionals are also welcome to attend.

Registration Fee

Early Bird Fee:

General Fee:

For more info and registration details

Begin preparing now for a Brighter future tomorrow.


Broils Consulting Group

The Educators Career Transition Experts

Helping retiring and exiting educators reach NEW levels of

professional success!

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