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Elevate brand image | Build brand awareness

   Avoid Obscurity | Establish long-term viability

Sustain brand relevance | Increase market share in the K-18 vertical 

According to the US Department of Labor, over a half-million K-12 educators have retired or left the profession since January 2020 and numbers continue to climb, reaching 600,000 in 2022. This has had far-reaching implications for thousands of education organizations and institutions across the country, threatening their long-term stability in the marketplace. 

While well-intentioned, traditional initiatives and commonly advocated solutions have had little to no impact.Tragically, some companies face the threat of closure or becoming the target

of an acquisition as their long-term viability

in the marketplace is in jeopardy.


by Wall Street Industry experts in their market analysis of education consulting firms across the 

United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, the Middle East, North Africa and GCC Countries, etc.


  ~ Featured in MarketWatch (a Dow Jones Company), Yahoo Finance, AP News (the Associated Press), Business Wire

(a Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway Company) and others …

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  • Build brand exposure and accelerate membership and client acquisition rates.

  • Decrease the surge of membership cancellations by retirees and increase your organization’s relevance in those markets and beyond

  • Elevate retention and improve your school district’s recruitment potential by creating systems to support your retirees beyond financial planning

  • Reverse the stark decline of enrollment in education majors at colleges and universities

  • Provide a broader service model that goes beyond financial planning  for retirees with an interest in second careers

  • Gain a competitive edge in various K-12 verticals, etc.

"Ranking Second to None

As a former seasoned CEO, I have witnessed client after clientele, school district after school district, specifically request Ms. Broils’ services ranking second to none."

Anton, C-Suite Executive

(New Jersey - Global  Education Company )

"Tireless. Innovative. Ambitious for the Cause of Education

Shelly is tireless, innovative and ambitious for the cause of education, has a wide-ranging vision and draws from a deep well of love for children.


Melissa - Educator, Elementary School Parent, and Harvard Graduate (Northern Virginia)

"High Quality Action-Based Consulting

High quality action-based consulting services. Experienced, knowledgeable, task-oriented, organized and focused. A pleasure to work with. Shelly is Talented, astute and professional not matter the task."

Jerry, Executive Director 

(Washington DC – One of the Nation's Leading Education Professional  Associations)

"Ingenuity, Aptitude and Passion for Education

She is dedicated and passionate about education. She went above and beyond a fix priced contract, working on her own time. Such ingenuity, aptitude and passion for education


resulting in a well-written and researched marketing and feasibility study ... 


I hope to bring her on as the Vice President of Education Innovation and am looking forward to working together again.

Jennifer, Director of Business Development

(Colorado STEM and Education Firm with government clients and partnerships with  NASA , Lockheed Martin and the Dept. of Education, etc.)

Committed.  Innovative.  Effective. 

Broils Consulting Group is committed to helping solve the critical issues facing our clients both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but it is what also makes us effective and our clients successful.
Backed by a team of experienced professionals
, our strategic services are tailored to the needs of our clients, resulting in lasting transformation and quantifiable progress.

Broils Consulting Group is driven by an unwavering respect for the K-12 educator, an immeasurable appreciation for our esteemed academic institutions devoted to improving the lives of ALL children, and a deep admiration for organizations

that support and provide services to the world's educators.

Founded by a global Education Consultant, International Business Development Advisor to C-Suite industry leaders and a Senior-level Executive, possessing nearly three decades of education products and services expertise across the corporate, government and K-12 industries.

Shelly Broils, M.A., M.Ed., began her career as a classroom teacher and school administrator has also worked with large multi-national education companies and edtech firms, government, K-12 and corporate leaders in the United States, London and Canada,

   Wall Street firms, Standard & Poors and Guidepoint Global to children's toy companies like Crayola.

She has worked with national education professional associations like the National Education Association, to serving as a SME and consultant on government initiatives created by the Department of Defense and Department of Labor, earning invitations to lead presentations at the Pentagon in Washington DC,

to advising thousands of schools and school districts.

Serving in senior-level roles specializing in adult and youth learning products and services;

from business development; marketing and sales to

talent acquisition and corporate learning and development,

government and private industry professional learning solutions product

and service development to executive-level implementation management consulting. 

However, she began her career in the classrooms of an exceptional school system in the Midwest before relocating and working for a popular school district on the East Coast.

We've developed a powerful, innovative and comprehensive solution to help reverse the crises impacting the world's educators, 

K-18 institutions and education organizations.

One of the most groundbreaking, world-renowned, proven, and proprietary 

career transition readiness (CTR) products and service lines on the global education markets today.

Creating and cultivating partnerships with a purpose.

Producing significant outcomes.


Recognized as one of the TOP 25 global education consulting firms

We help academic institutions, education organizations, and retirement planning companies enhance brand identity, build awareness, scale into untapped markets and solidify

long-term viability in the K–18 verticals.



Many of the world's educational institutions are incurring losses in revenue, marketshare and personnel. Education professional associations' membership levels and college-age students majoring in education within our universities are also rapidly declining.


Traditional solutions have had minimal impact.

A major factor frequently overlooked:

Although commendable, the majority of recruitment and retention strategies are traditional/common and based on concepts such as educator self-care initiatives, financial incentives, an increase of education appreciation events, the use of guest speakers and professional development workshops centered around purpose and perseverance, etc.


The results: many education association's membership numbers and college students majoring in education continue to fall, and recruitment rates of credentialed and highly-effective teacher and administration applicants continue to decline in countless school districts.


Yes, these traditional initiatives are important, but for many, they have become the norm and the status quo with little to no variation.

The problem of attracting, recruiting, and retaining highly qualified 

teachers and administrators as:

  • employees of our school systems, 

  • members and clients of our associations and organizations, or

  • students enrolled in our college education programs 

needs a fresh perspective and a paradigm shift in the conception, creation and implementation of our strategies and initiatives.

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Is the viability of your organization in jeopardy?
Are you or your organization
building bridges or
erecting accidental barriers?

Thousands of the world’s educators are faced with circumstances and life events that necessitate exploring new career options outside of the school systems. There is often no other option.

Countless K-12 Administrators and Teachers are:​

  1. Nearing retirement and seeking a second career post retirement

  2. Retired but financial burdens require re-entering the labor force

  3. Experiencing increased financial obligations 

  4. Facing health issues

  5. Experiencing changes in their families which requires more of their time, etc.

Many retiring and exiting Administrators and Teachers want to transition to a new education profession within the private sector that allows them to continue making a difference in the lives of children or their fellow educators.

What can our academic institutions and education organizations do to support those educators whose circumstances necessitate a career change?


Numerous organizations and institutions focus their efforts on persuading them to stay, which is a natural and justified response.


However, research indicates that this has the potential to be harmful to both the educator and their students.


When retention efforts fail and the educator's painful decision to leave is final, they often feel ignored, discarded, and in some instances; ostracized and lost. 

"When I submitted my letter of resignation after nearly two decades in the classrooms, all they said was CONGRATULATIONS ... that's it ... how disappointing ..." (Anonymous Educator)

"Happy educators attract and support new recruits.

Frustrated and Disappointed educators will tell potential recruits to find someplace else..." (Anonymous Educator)

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© 2022  Broils Consulting Group, LLC

Whether an educator's career in our school systems spans five years, ten, twenty-five, or forty years, they have ALL made contributions to the lives of young people, making sacrifices because of their love of children and dedication to the profession. 

EACH has paid their dues.

Yet, many retiring and exiting educators feel forgotten.

Shouldn't our levels of support be equitable; equally compassionate, respectful and
intentional regardless of their
decision to retire, separate or remain in the profession?



Perception is Reality

Despite our best efforts, retiring and exiting educators can get lost in the shuffle, especially when we're operating in survival mode and hyper-focused on rebuilding. 


How we support retiring and exiting educators, whether real or perceived, can reflect either positively or adversely on our academic institutions and education organizations and impact our recruitment and retention efforts.

It won't take Herculean efforts, but it will take more than simply verbalizing our support for the departing educator; our actions speak louder than words.

                         We're ALL on the Same Team   
                                           Let's build bridges not barriers   
           Our career transition readiness solutions can benefit both your institution         
the educators that you employ or serve.

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Clapping Audience

Education Organizations

We help you maintain relevance with your members, avoid obscurity and development initiatives that appeal to new markets.

Position your organization to enhance its brand identity and gain greater market share by helping you expand your support services for retirees seeking 2nd careers.

College Friends

Academic Institutions

We help position your college or university's education programs to appeal to both current and prospective educators. Building their capacity to excel in K-12 education careers of the present and future.

   K-12 Schools

Elevate your school district's reputation and potential for new employee recruitment. Let's make sure educators are sending positive messages about their retirement experiences with your schools.

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Group Photo

Retirement Planning Firms

We assist you in increasing your market share in the K-12 sector with innovative solutions that align with the needs of a burgeoning market of K-12 retirees seeking retirement guidance.

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Shelly Broils, world-renowned global education consultant and advisor to some of the biggest brands in the world (former classroom teacher and school administrator) launched Broils Consulting Group in 2015, assembling a team of industry experts.


Our decades of experience and unique approach are not only what differentiates us,

it's also what makes us extremely effective and our clients successful.

“High-Quality Action-based Consulting”

High-quality action-based consulting services. Experienced, knowledgeable, task-oriented, organized and focused. Shelly is a pleasure to work with. Talented, astute and professional no matter the task.


Jerry, Executive Director 

(Washington DC – National Education Nonprofit Organization)

Strong and Effective… Beyond Expectations” 

Shelly is a strong and effective consultant. Interested in the success and needs of school districts beyond expectations. Embodies a sincere desire to improve the learning experiences of educators and students.


Rebecca, Director of Implementation

(New York - Literacy EdTech Company) 

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Our Products & Services


 Solving three problems at once:

Equipping our nation's retiring educators who must return to the workforce with critical career transition readiness skills essential for financial stability and economic advancement, while reversing persistent talent shortages and preparing the workforce for K-12 careers of the present

and  future.

Fostering growth and success for ALL.

Our Services.png

Professional Learning Services

Onsite and "Live" Online Webinars.

All courses and programs are designed with best practices in learner engagement, knowledge acquisition, application and impact in mind. 

Our proven and proprietary CTR framework provides participants with unique learning experiences and valuable opportunities to help them prepare for the next stage of their careers.

BOOK us for a workshop, seminar or Invite us to speak at your next event.

Train-the-Trainer Services

Looking to offer your audience something fresh, enjoyable and effective? 

Need some one-on-one advice from qualified experts you can trust?


We bring a wealth of design, implementation, training, facilitation and leadership experience from working with clients across the K-18 vertical, corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors to those institutions and organizations pursuing innovation and transformation.

SCHEDULE us to help increase your staff's CTR capacity; broaden their minds, knowledge

and experience. Set your retirees up for success and elevate your organization's reputation in the process.

Resources and Publications

Increase your reach and relevance in new markets. Distribute our publications and booklets to members, clients, and subscribers as gifts or incentives. 


License our content for use in your company's marketing materials.


Utilize our valuable career transition readiness  tips and CTR tools in your blogs, newsletters, and other publications.

CONTACT us regarding bulk purchases or to explore our licensing options.

        Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of advisory and consulting services to serve a variety of businesses and institutions. Whether you’re a small or a multinational institution or organization, we can help you reach new levels of success.

  • Elevate brand identify

  • Build brand relevance and awareness

  • Scale into untapped markets

We are proud to provide strategic support that makes a difference in such a niche market from some of the industry's most influential voices.

EXPLORE our consultation services today.

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Contact us to discuss how our solutions

can benefit you and your organization or institution. 

Thanks for your interest! We’ll get back to you shortly.

DISCLAIMER: Broils Consulting Group does not promote the release of any employee without adhering to the protocols and processes aligned with your school district's and organization's guidelines, your state and federal employment laws.

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You may not disseminate, modify, reproduce or copy in whole or in part the information contained on this website without prior written permission from Broils Consulting Group, LLC. 


Broils Consulting Group, LLC is not a job placement agency nor will make guarantees of employment or client success due to factors beyond our control. All content herein is for informational purposes and educational purposes only.


We do not endorse any particular 3rd party company or career featured on our website or within our publications and vice-versa. We also recommend researching any company or career of interest to insure that it is the right fit for you.

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