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Uncovering the Silent Struggles of Retiring & Exiting Educators

Transitioning to the Next Chapter in Their Careers 

A large majority of educators have spent their majority of their professional careers working within the school systems, which is often the norm in public service career fields.


The private industry job market and hiring processes greatly differ from the school systems' and presents barriers and challenges for retiring or exiting administrators and teachers seeking lucrative

second careers beyond the schools.


Many educators who previously held positions equivalent to middle management and executive roles hold advanced college degrees, and once earned 6-figures - struggle to navigate an unfamiliar job market and career search process.

Are you a teacher or administrator who has retired, is retiring, or is exiting the education field?

Many educators are not sure where to start nor how to leverage their current skills in new career fields.


How long have you been on this journey?

It's heart breaking that thousands of educators spend years struggling when attempting a career change. 


Tragically, many begin to internalize the false belief that they're not qualified

to do anything else, which is far from the truth.


They often feel compelled to settle for less than what they truly deserve in order to survive,

or they give up looking altogether.


Due to gaps in their career transition readiness (CTR) skills and a lack of specialized support, far too many after exiting the school systems are forced onto the same narrow career paths in occupations like:

                           retail, tutoring, college adjunct instructor, social work, nanny, curriculum designer, trainer, real estate, multi-level marketing (MLM and pyramid sales), insurance agents, substitutes or interims,

entry-level or labor-intensive jobs.

This has led to severe hardships for many with far-reaching implications.


Sadly, many remain silent due to feelings of shame and embarrassment or even pride. Are you struggling too?​

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Educators have a wide range of skills and talents that are highly transferable to hundreds of incredible

careers across multiple industries outside of academia that do not require additional college degrees or certifications.


Were you aware that applying during specific months of the year,

days of the week and certain times of the day can increase your chances of landing that interview for your dream job by

up to 80%?!


Did you know that over 60% of job vacancies are NOT posted on many of those sites. 

It's referred to as the "hidden" or unadvertised job market.

If you don't know where to find them, you're missing out on over HALF

of the job market.Utilizing those popular search websites should be just ONE part of your job search strategy..

Implementing these and other easy-to-learn strategies can change your entire career trajectory!

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Broils Consulting Group founded

by a former educator in 2015

is recognized as one of the top 25 Education Consulting Firms globally by leading industry experts such as Wall Street, Businesswire (a Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway firm), and Market Watch (a Dow Jones firm). Our expertise has been featured in numerous national and global media publications.

Our innovative and proprietary Career Transition Readiness (CTR) tools and resources have helped countless K-12 educators successfully navigate their next career move.

Expertly designed to assist K-12 educators in preparing for a smooth transition. 


Say goodbye to years of uncertainty and frustration, and hello to discovering

that new dream career or consulting opportunity.

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The Educators Career Transition Experts
Transforming Careers ... Transforming Lives


I had no idea of the vast opportunities in the education field outside of teaching. 

I was able to find employment for an Educational Consulting company even before the completion of my work and study with Broils Consulting and was HIRED over 60 other applicants!

They helped me improve my job-seeking and interview skills ... craft an outstanding resume ...


Most of all ... I learned that I do have a valuable skill set that is appreciated and respected outside of the classroom.

If you are looking to leave ... and wonder how to do it successfully, I highly recommend making the investment ..."


Pat (Retired Florida Educator)


It's a game changer!

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© 2020, 2024 Broils Consulting Group, 
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50  Quick Tips
to Ease the Transition

Introducing: Beyond the School System, Discovering Your New Purpose and Dream Career 50 Tips to Ease the Transition


This incredibly valuable and essential resource aims to

demystify the private industry job market and hiring

processes for educators pursuing second careers.

Eliminating many of the obstacles that educators face

when exploring new career options and transitioning to

the next phase of their professional lives.

50 expertly curated tips and strategies. Helping educators with:

  • creating an effective transition plan and exit strategy

  • identifying your transferable skills and how to leverage and market them for incredible and lucrative jobs and consulting roles outside of the school system

  • discovering your new career match

  • conducting effective job searches,

  • uncovering hidden career opportunities,

  • understanding the private industry's resume standards,

  • preparing for interviews,

  • salary negotiation tips and scripts ​

Written in educator-friendly language and tailored to retiring and separating K–12 professionals at all levels. Helping you position yourself as viable candidates across multiple industries, opening doors to an extraordinary next chapter in your life. 


Grab your copy today - See details below

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Currently Available in Digital Format
BACK COVER 50 TIPS 2024_edited.jpg

Beautifully designed and
jam-packed with helpful tips and strategies.
Here's the best part:
it's customized for educators.

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EXCERPTS from Our 50 Tips GUIDE

50 Tips Excerpt 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-02-11 at


Expertly-CuratedTips and StrategiesforTransitioning & RetiringEducators

From Classrooms to Corporate_Broils Consulting Group

This list includes both employers and consulting clients. It is not an endorsement of any specific company, organization or vice versa.

No More Confusion

No more confusion and getting stuck in a never ending job search cycle.

This essential resource helps to demystify the job search process outside of the school systems and within the private industry.

It provides essential information on effectively navigating key phases of the labor market and hiring processes.

50 expertly curated tips and strategies. Providing guidance with

  • devising an effective transition strategy

  • leveraging your marketable skills,

  • finding your new career match

  • conducting effective job searches,

  • uncovering hidden career opportunities,

  • understanding the private industry's resume standards,

  • preparing for interviews,

  • and negotiating salaries.

Help is on the way

This one-of-a-kind resource can help you avoid many of the mistakes and struggles that countless

educators face.

Equipping you with the confidence needed to make more informed career decisions and strategically

navigate this new phase of your professional life.

Setting you on a pathway to an amazing next chapter in your career and life!

*Note: The time to transition to new career can vary per individual.
This resource includes 50 key tips and strategies but is not an exhaustive list of every single strategy.


Huzzah, I got the job!

“Educators struggle bus through transitioning because the resources are scarce and low quality while paying through the nose for a service that doesn't fill the

needs of ALL educators fully.

No other program I have come across is as all-encompassing as Broils Consulting Group's (most focus on transitioning into instructional design ONLY,

but not everybody wants to do instructional design).


Broils Consulting Group focuses on helping clients with finding their fit across multiple types of work

[occupations and industries] versus just one field.

It's like no other!


Huzzah, I got the job!

I didn’t have to go back to working minimum wage or gain a second bachelor's to be relevant in the workplace. "

NOW works for the Federal Government)

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 Beyond the School System: Discovering Your New Purpose and Dream Career

50 TIPS to Ease the Transition

$20 (US dollars)




ENDS: Tuesday, July 9th

  1. After remitting payment: Select the "return to merchant" button & Click the "green download" button.

  2. Go to the "downloads" folder on your device to access your copy


   QUESTIONS: Contact us at:


Secure payment processing via PayPal.
No PayPal account is needed.

Debit and Credit Cards Accepted

Purchase Policy

Due to the proprietary nature and format of the publication
All purchases/sales are final.



Available NOW for digital download only

© 2022, 2024 Broils Consulting Group. All rights reserved.


Beyond the School System:



 A Comprehensive Careers and Companies Directory

for K–12 Educators

Our new edition and

one-of-a-kind directory

presents a remarkable solution to one of the most

prevailing and unaddressed

problems that most transitioning educators face.




 60 expertly compiled education careers

spanning multiple industries.

It also showcases additional private-sector occupations that align with the skillsets and remarkable talents of educators.

The directory includes job descriptions and qualification overviews, and salary ranges, all written in educator-friendly language to facilitate informed decision-making.

As an added bonus, the directory contains a database of 100+ national companies and organizations that have

recruited and/or hired education professionals.


Equipped with this invaluable resource, K–12 professionals in all stages of their careers are given access to a wealth of career options, setting the stage for a promising next chapter in their professional journey.

This directory contains information about a segment of national companies that have recruited applicants with education experience, all of which were compiled from the public domain. It does not constitute or imply the endorsement or ranking of any career or company. No fees were paid for inclusion.

Note: The resource is available with “Finding Your Fit” ”live” webinars and 1 on 1 support services and is not sold separately.


Start preparing Today
for a brighter future

50 Tips to Ease the Transition



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